Edmodo 101: Creating an Account and Joining a Teacher Group


Hi everyone and welcome to my Edmodo blog!!!

I’d like to give some pointers for my friends out there who are looking to create an interactive online classroom with Edmodo.

Here are the steps you should take to create an Edmodo account and to join teacher groups.

1. Create an Edmodo Account. Teachers use this link to help you. (The steps for students accounts are similar and can be viewed here.)

2. Join a teacher group! To join a group you either need a group code or a group hyperlink to request to join from the creator of the group. To enter the group code, simply find the “groups” on your home screen and then click the little + button with and select join (see image).

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 9.10.21 PM

Enter the code, click “Join” and that’s it! If you need visuals, please follow these instructions:  (Scroll down and select “Join Other Teacher’s Groups (PD).” If you use the hyperlink to join a group, the owner of the group will need to allow you to enter the group. The best bet for this to happen is for you to have a complete Edmodo profile. It would also be helpful to have your “verified teacher” badge.

Note about where to find Edmodo group opportunities (and hyperlinks to join):

For a list of teacher created groups, which are wonderful for professional development, please view this document. These groups are for educators and not for students. Please don’t have your students request to join these groups. We will learn more about creating our own student groups soon!

Otherwise, you can request to join one of my groups for teachers. Go to my profile and choose which of my groups you’d like to be a part of and simply click on the group link to request entry. If you are a World Language teacher or interested in raising bilingual children, then there is a group for you. If you have requested entry, please give me about a week to allow you entry into the group. If you have not been allowed into the group within a week or so, please follow the directions here.

Please take some time to set up your account and explore my Edmodo Help folder if you’re looking to move forward in our adventure with Edmodo!

Now keep calm and go be a great Edmodian! 🙂

To be continued…


What’s the Difference Between “Using Technology” and “Technology Integration”?


Recently, I’ve been noticing that a lot of instructors are under the impression that they are successfully integrating technology, when in fact they are simply using technology. Although this might seem to some as just semantics, in my opinion there is a huge difference between the two – a difference that can be seen in the impact the technology usage has on student learning.

In an effort to better delineate between “using technology” and “technology integration,” I created the chart below to that highlights what I believe are the key differences. Let me know what you think!

Tech Use Vs. Tech Integration


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Edmodo Spanish Teacher Share

Edmodo has a group designed for Spanish teachers!

Spanish Teacher Share…Where Spanish teachers from across the globe connect to collaborate and share resources. Sharing has never been better!


We currently have close to 1,000 members in the Spanish Teacher Share group! There are over 150 teacher shared folders with thousands of free resources for all members to use! I’d like to say a very special “GRACIAS” to all who have shared your links and resources with us all in this group!!! Edmodo Spanish Teacher Share ROCKS!!! If you are a Spanish teacher looking to grow your PLN, join edmodo and connect with the most generous, hard-working group of Spanish educators I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Once your edmodo account has the “verified teacher” badge, use this link to join!

Please visit my previous blog post about how I am using Edmodo in the World Language classroom.